Beyond Green Cannabis Patient Documentaries

Project summary

Concepted by Sam Canon, these mini-docs take a look into the lives of patients using cannabis as a form of medication, the way it impacts their lives, and the way they live life because of their habit

Client Beyond Green


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The Brief.

Through recommendation, Sam contacted us to discuss a series of mini-docs/interviews that he wanted to commission to raise general awareness of the implications of criminalising the plant that is Cannabis. On our consultation we discussed the network we had built within the space, and the interactions we had already had with some of the patients and specialists he wanted to interview. Sam decided that we were the right fit for the job, he had a clear idea on his line of questioning and wanted to ensure that the audio tracking and video capture was of high quality. The goal here was to film 10 core interviews, and edit those into full, and short format pieces to use on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


In this project we would have to film in peoples homes, in parks and in studios. The studio locations are something we sourced for Sam to lighten his load so he could focus on his actual goals. We had to consider that we may not be able to plug into power onsite, so all the equipment we took may need to be battery powered. When we filmed the interviews, we had to be very clear with the interviewee on the process of answering questions by starting their answer by reposing the question. Each person's story was different, their experience and their reasoning were different, as was their tone. Ensuring we had tracked good audio from the get go was key to success here. To view more interviews from this project, click on the link below!

Beyond Green


To ensure we could fit within Sam’s budget we had to send a single shooter to each interview to run the production in its entirety. Jay took the bulk of this project on for the shoot and client comms side, Kev assisted on shoot days where Jay was unavailable, and we had Connor working on the post-production. As a team, this project was intriguing for us all due to the nature of the topic being quite controversial. We learn’t so much about the topic in question, and built up great relationships with the people interviewed.

Speaking to Cardboard it was clear they were very aware of the problems I could encounter, and the more we spoke, the more they seemed the best fit.
Sam Cannon