SAME Voices Unite - Covid Relief Campaign

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Project summary

This project was created to support the relief efforts for oxygen during the 2021 covid outbreak in India. It brought together a group of BAME performers from the West End to raise awareness.

Client Same Voices Unite


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Bringing together the community

This was one of those projects that we had to be involved with. It gave us an opportunity to be involved with a campaign that was supporting the world’s efforts around Covid, something that as content creators we felt we hadn’t really been able to do.

Director and Producer, Irvine Iqbal, approached us to help support the creation of this project, he had already amassed a group of performers and had decided to create a cover of the song ‘Beautiful’ from the hit musical Everybodys Talking About Jamie. With the blessing of the producers of the show and the support of a fantastic creative team, the wheels were in motion to create a film highlighting the campaign.


This was an interesting shoot for us, we had limited time to film and record 30 performers in a confined space in London, all with strict Covid guidelines in place. We were privileged to be working with some of the more talented and professional people who gave up a summer evening in London to be part of the project and the output was fantastic.

The creative team had real cohesion and all of this was supported by Irvine, who gave us confidence and direction in the creative output. Cardboard Creative are really proud to have been involved in this project and it means the world to me that we were given this honour.



Support and Coverage

This project took a turn when the Amir Khan Foundation decided to use it as its primary piece to support their campaign as well. They used their connections to get it press releases to numerous national outlets and the piece was covered on BBC and The Stage. 6 months to the date of filming, the video got nominated for a Creative Media Award from the Asian Media Awards and we were recognised for the speed at which we created something that was relevant and important to so many non resident Indians.


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