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Project summary

A Visual branding content campaign to raise awareness and educate the South Asian community about organ donation.

Client Ragatip


Digital Marketing


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How to make a change

Ragatip were approached by a selection of south Asian focused charities and organisations in the UK to help raise the awareness of organ donation. This campaign was initiated by the NHS Donor department and they were focused on developing the list of people willing to donate organs.

Ragatip were asked to put on a live music event where they could share the information from the NHS but this seemed like limiting the reach of a campaign that needed to be shared as far and as wide as it could. At this stage, Cardboard Creative was brought in to come up with some creative ideas on how to support the campaign.


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The Solution

although simple the best method to share the information and enhance the campaign was to create a bank of collateral focused around the campaign but using Ragatip’s expertise in music it was important to maintain that at all of its core. It was decided that we would create a cover of the Mariah Carey classic ‘Hero’ using people from the BAME community that were well respected in music. Alongside the feature piece, we created an education video from stock footage provided by the NHS and all that were involved would receive social ready collateral for them to share across their own social presence to widen the reach of the core content.

It goes without saying that this wasn’t something difficult to sell to all the contributors and they were all happy to be involved in the project. The funding organisations all understood the power of social media but didn’t know how to harness it. By using this approach we had the opportunity to harness hundreds to thousands of potential viewers as a pose to the potential two hundred that would have come to an event, of course limited by the pandemic.

Tom Beech at a Top Branding Agency in London

Tom Beech


Tom Beech has been a long term friend of Cardboard Creative and was introduced to Ragatip from the beginning of their journey. This project was ideal for tom to Musically direct and arrange. His knowledge of the music and the industry mean that he could not only make it happen but also bring his contact pool along the way.

Tom took the project with open arms and from this created a vocal arrangement that equalled the talent that was involved and brought along some of his musical contacts to help support the project.

"Cardboard Creative's involvement in this campaign allowed us to focus on the philanthropic ventures and ensured a level of quality and creativity in the deliverables that we couldn't have achieved on our own."
Raj Mistry from Ragatip at Branding Agency London Raj Mistry - Founder - Ragatip
Drupti Vara at branding agency London


The branding project involved over 18 different contributors shot across multiple sessions in various environments. This led to its own set of challenges not only creatively but logistically. Managing timelines with multiple people’s availability and a tight timeline meant that we had to focus on this project.

The project was a success with eight thousand viewers across the core video and multiple more across the ancillary content created. Although we expected more engagement across the content this still vastly supersedes the potential in-person event that was planned and we maintained the budget so the cost to the organisations was no different. As such, I can only say that this was a successful campaign and the content is still being used to date to raise awareness and educate on a topic that is still regarded as taboo or against BAME community religions.