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Project summary

CBD Triathlete with their first range, Tri Iso. A complete undertaking of brand design, product label and box to print, marketing collateral, and social management and web design + implementation.

Client CBD Triathlete


Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Understanding the requirement

John came to us by way of recommendation, he had been interested in CBD use to aid recovery from sports. He had monitored gains through his own vigorous training regime, and wanted to share in his results and successes, so others too could benefit as he has.

He started to construct a plan of what he needed to organise to execute his vision. That’s where his manufacturer pointed him in our direction. On our first conversation we hit it off, you could tell he had the fight in him for sure. Before we could commit to each other, we had to ask him one thing. How committed he was to the logo he has come to us with…

The starting point

We had begun to get an idea for placement, and John had come to us for our knowledge in process for CBD products and legislation. With something far different in mind then the limitations of his first logo.

Fortunately the lad that he is, John agreed to go all in, he put his faith and trust in us to deliver something different from the norm. The team swiftly put into motion as now our client had a deadline for launch to coincide with a challenge he was completing.

CBD TRIathlete

CBD Triathlete

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Where the brand was to sit, and how we placed it for the images that we curated for the website was another discussion. It was definitively at the higher end amongst his competition, and so we knew that we had to present to market a luxury brand for endurance athletes.

John wanted an all encapsulating presence and realising that he was early to market in his niche, we found that we were able to set the bar for others to compete within his chosen market.

We were tasked to design branded apparel, marketing documents, e-commerce solutions and social media management.

Before I came across Cardboard Creative I was on a journey trying to navigate my way around creating a set of products that I use regularly for sports recovery to share with others. I had no idea as to the differing levels of creative issues I was about to encounter, and one of the single most highlights of my experience with working with the lads at Cardboard was that they almost literally held my hand through the whole process.

Working with cardboard and bringing this vision to life has been an eye opening journey
John Conquest