Venta SVS Marketing Videos

Project summary

Whilst exhibiting at a virtual B2B trade show, the guys at Venta SVS wanted to show exactly how they have helped implement NRT therapies to the private mental health sector.

Client Venta SVS


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The brief

Venta SVS is a small operation with a core focus on trading in private mental health practices to lessen the burden on their patients and workforce. The key goal they wanted to achieve was to provide first-hand feedback and experience of use of the service, and how their vending machines helped service users day to day lives with all the constraints they were put under for safety and compliance of rules within the sector. Whilst under development the brief was added to where they needed to have a promotional short clip and case study on what they provide, as well as an end card logo loop to use across their video distributed content. This meant that we had 7 days to pre-produce, plan, shoot, source stock catalogue, and go through revisions to ensure the right messages were conveyed to their B2B audience.