Asher Monroe Live Music Event Capture

Project summary

Asher Monroe is a talented young musician who brought himself over to the UK to introduce his powerful voice to a new market. We were tasked with capturing his debut performance of his new album.

Client Asher Monroe


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The brief

We were contacted by James O'Driscoll, Ashers UK manager, who was looking for a team that could capture behind-the-scenes footage of Asher's first live band rehearsal in the UK. A collective of musicians who had not worked together before, and were about to set the stage alight. After discussions, it was agreed that should time allow, it would be great to get a few words from Asher himself to add some background as to where his inspiration came from for his new album, and what had led him to the UK. After the realisation of how powerful the footage could be, the management decided that it would be best if we captured the first show in its entirety in London.

In conclusion

Working in this environment is where Kev and I thrive. Music is a passion for both of us, however, I would say Kev’s ears are more in tune than mine perhaps. Being in the room with such amazing artists was such a buzz. Watching these talents bind together their passion to create a truly engaging experience with such a powerful voice at the center is something I will always remember. Pulling this project together seemed somewhat easier then other projects we have worked on,  as a business it was a pleasure and a delight to have this opportunity, and we always strive for clarity and great audio for a balanced output.

I've worked with Kev numerous times in the past, and having Jay lead this project was just as powerful as the experience and relationship I had built with Kev. These guys really do know what they're doing!
James O'Driscoll