Taylor Mammon
2022 Sales Brochure

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Project summary

Taylor Mammon needed to update their existing brochure to add in new product lines and update their identity, and brand to show a more mature look and feel.

Client Taylor Mammon


Graphic Design

Creating a brand to remember, in a saturated and unregulated industry.

Taylor Mammon has been a long-standing client of ours and we have built up a strong relationship with their leadership team to manage, maintain and ultimately develop their brand and visual footprint. When they were recently acquired by one of the largest and most well funded CBD producers in the world there were opportunities to develop their brand and identity to a more mature and grounded company.

Taylor Mammon’s business is in CBD manufacturing and they have always had a ‘quirky’ and off-centre brand directive, something we at Cardboard Creative are really fond of, but it comes with its challenges to evolve their brand. This is alongside the newish nature of the CBD space and its challenging regulations, or lack thereof, adds to what is a complicated challenge.


The Brief

Taylor Mammons recent acquisition in late 2021 lead them down a path of evolving their brand but retaining their core values. The main process of creating new leads was through trade shows and direct marketing but their diverse catalogue of manufactured products and their evolving line meant that they needed a new product catalogue and brochure that could convert prospects into clients.
We were tasked with creating this brochure from the ground up, with new product renders, art direction and evolving the brand footprint to display their growth as the cemented manufacturing partner they are within this growing industry. They had a company looking into their copy so that gave us some direction but the Directors at the business gave us complete control of suggesting a new look and feel for the brand.

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The final output was a 73-page brochure that was print and digital distribution ready. We evolved their brand by streamlining a lot of the assets that were provided and created a unique shape identity that gave some additional texture and interest to the page.

Their brand colours were significant to their identity and we didn’t want to change them however we did want to rebalance them away from the black background and darker identities to a much brighter and cleaner one.

These changes were really well received by the client and although apprehensive about the new shape ideology, with a bit of persuasion, they realised that it added some much interest.

Cardboard Creative always understand our requirements and our vision. They are not just creatives but they have an underlying business sense that makes sure that what they create is of purpose and useful to our business day-to-day.
Nathan Wogman, CEO, Taylor Mammon