Krishna Ne Bhegan Dance Video Production

Project summary

An opportunity for video production and direction of a dance video to the Ragatip cover of Krishna Ne Bhegan.

Client Ragatip


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Dancing into video production

Working with Ragatip always comes with its challenges, however every time they give us a level of freedom to create and develop an idea for some of the most talented artists we have worked with. More recently our work has been with live music but when the opportunity arose to produce a dance video with the acclaimed choreographer Urjaben Thakore we couldn’t say no.


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Music Video Production

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Drone Footage and Cinematography

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We are so proud of the work we have done for Ragatip thus far that we really wanted to push ourselves and our creative output. Initially spending time with the dancers and the choreographer was essential and the core was to understand their creative vision.

The intention was simple, to create a music video to the latest recording from Ragatip; the Carnatic classic, Krishna Ne Bhegan. In conjunction with the fantastic Urjaben Thakore and the creative team at Ragatip, we found this beautiful venue in Milton Keynes called, The Cathedral of Trees. It was designed to recreate the architecture of a church but through nature and it was a beautiful space.

Once the date and space were set it was just a matter of understanding the material, and this could only be done by attending a choreography session with the dancers and the team. It was a fantastic space to be in, and the creativity was unbound. In situations like this, when you have so many people with so many ideas, you really need to just balance everyone’s perspective. Inevitably this work represents us all; so we are just the custodians to capture it.

Video Production for Ragatip at Cardboard Creative

Mira Salat

Kathak Dancer and Choreographer

A collaboration of music and dance paying homage to the symbol of unconditional love. Krishna...
An honour dancing choreography by @urja76 alongside fellow dancers @shyamdattanii and @ishirashah.
From the album Spiritual Bridges by @ragatip_music

"Where the knowledge of cultural arts with strong roots, nourishes the future of creativity in one's individual journey"

Krishna ne begane at Cardboard Creative

Shyam Dattani

Kathak Dancer and Choreographer

One of my highlights was filming @ragatip_music’s ‘Krishna’ with @pagravdanceco @ishirashah @mira_salat, captured by the fantastic @cardboardcreative
My favourite part of this experience was working with @urja76 didi - you are a true choreographer, visionary and magician.

Indian Classical Dance Video Production at Cardboard Creative

Ishira Shah

Kathak Dancer and Choreographer

Excited for @ragatip_music’s release of the dance video for ‘Krishna’ tomorrow! So grateful for the opportunity @urja76!💜 @pagravdanceco

Ishira has performed on many stages around the world most notably BBC Young Dancer 2017 in conjunction with Shyam Dattani



For Cardboard Creative this was the highlight of 2021, with so many obstacles through the pandemic and life, it was nice to just take an opportunity to get out in nature and work with some fantastic talent. The final video was released on youtube for public consumption and later was showcased at Diwali in the Square 2021 probably sponsored by the London Mayor.

Although this video might not have got the attrition and viewership it’s still the video we watch back in the office for its colour science, creative freedom and generally one to be proud of.

If you do nothing else please watch the final video and hope you enjoy watching as much as we have done creating it.